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Compostable Bin Bags

Compostable Bin Bags constructed from a Starch based film. These bin bags are designed for food waste so you can discard of them along with your food waste and compostable packaging. There is no need to empty the contents into one bin and put this bag into another, which is the case with traditional bin bags. It saves a lot of mess!

Pedal Bin Bag = Approx. 11 Litres (25mic thick) 100 per case
Swing Bin Bag = Approx. 44 Litres (25mic thick) 100 per case
Standard Bin Bag = Approx. 75 Litres (17.5mic thick) 100 per case
Wheelie Bin Bag = Approx. 240 Litres (25mic thick) 140 per case
Heavy Duty Standard Bin = Approx. 100 Litres (28mic thick) 140 per case

Unsure how to dispose of your Compostable Packaging, check out our information page by clicking here!

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