Branded Plastic Free Cups

Branding your own cup is a brilliant way to stand out in a crowd. It presents a part of your businesses personality and adds credibility to a successful brand.

Personalizing your cups will have an even stronger impact with positive association and so it is important the material make-up of your cup compliments your brand. 

Many of you may have become familiar with a PLA lined compostable cup and whilst they are great for industrial composting, we can go one better. 

Introducing to you, our innovative PLASTIC FREE cup... 

Printed Plastic Free Cups

Evolution Packaging can now offer a cup made from pure paperboard with an aqueous, water-based coating. This allows for the cup to be both composted... AND recycledThese cups can be perfectly complimented with our bagasse lids, which have the benefit of being home compostable.  

This cup and lid combination can therefore be handled easily and efficiently by the end user at their home. The customers decision making is simplified by having the option of placing the cup in their paper recycling bin (knowing it is easily recyclable) and putting the bagasse lid in with their home compost. 

We truly appreciate the difficulty in keeping up with a forever changing packaging industrySo, having your brand associated with a cup which speaks to the customer in simple terms, cannot be taken for granted.  

This cup offers your business a marketing angle which your customers will truly understand and relate to. Promote the message in your shop windows or put together some table and counter stands. Don’t just highlight how you are doing your bit for the environment, but also educate and attract new customers with a cup they can truly dispose of at their home. 

This stands as the most effective way to benefit from having your cups branded, whilst getting your local community talking about your cup and business. 

It’s great to have your cups branded, but the perfect message is what propels it’s worth. 

If you would like to discuss these cups in more detail, then feel free to call on 01480 309870. 

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