March 27 2020 – We are here for you #CarePackage

Low Cost, High Volume Brand Compostable Cups

At NaturePac we are committed to offering you 100% Compostable and Sustainable alternatives at prices as close to standard packaging as possible. This is because we are passionate about our mission to help make business as clean as possible! We understand that this is a complex issue, and as long as we have a lot of people making small steps to becoming greener, we have a chance to clean up business.

As part of this we are proud to be able to offer you branded (with your own design) 100% Compostable and Sustainable Takeaway Cups for prices that match* plain compostable cups, and extremely competitive when compared to standard PE lined cups.

If you are able to wait for 3-4 months (instead of our express service of 3-4 weeks), and are using more than 50,000 cups per year, you will be able to receive our most competitive prices!

To get an up-to-date price, please use the contact form below to send over your enquiry, or feel free to call us on 01480 309870.

If you are looking for your own branded cups, but are unable to wait 3-4 months or don't use the quantity above, don't worry, we can brand as few as just 1,000 with a lead time of only 3-4 weeks. Please feel free to contact us on 01480 309870 or use the form below.

Branded Compostable Cups