Naturepac Fully Recycled Limited Edition Double Walled Cups


  • Recyclable at Home
  • Two sizes; 8oz, 12oz
  • 500 cups per case

These brand NEW NaturePac Limited Edition Fully Recyclable Double Wall Cups are designed to be recycled with your normal waste paper! No special treatment is needed! This is different to most other paper cups. It also means our NaturePac Fully Recyclable Cups can be recycled in any paper recycling bin, either at home or out and about.

Our NaturePac Fully Recyclable Cups have an EarthCoating on the inside of the cup which means it is certificated to be recycled along with paper and card without the need for special processes. Unlike 100% plastic coated paper cups which recyclers have difficulty processing through their equipment, our cups, using the EarthCoating are designed to be easily pulped. This is the first step in making waste paper cups more valuable to recyclers.

Our NaturePac Fully Recyclable Cups with the EarthCoating contain 40-51% less plastic than Polythene (PE) and Polylactic Acid (PLA) lined cups.

They are available in two sizes:

8oz (500/Case)
12oz (500/Case)