NaturePac Design Your Own Fully Recyclable White Double Wall Cups - White Cup

  • Recyclable In Any Recycling Bin
  • Popular 12oz Size
  • 500 Cups Per Case


A fully recyclable cup that's double walled for extra durability and insulation. Discover a sustainable option that benefits your business and is also the easiest cup on the market for customers to dispose of responsibly.

It's easy to see your branded cup realised with our 3D Cup Visualiser. Simply click Customise and add your brand logo!

Our NaturePac Fully Recyclable Cups features an EarthCoating on the inside of the cup which means it is certificated to be recycled along with paper and card without the need for special processes. It therefore contains 40-51% less plastic than Polythene (PE) and Polylactic Acid (PLA) lined cups.

Our printing process is also sustainable, with your branding and logos being printed with vegetable based inks.

For more information about our Fully Recyclable Cups, please have a read of our blog.

The NaturePac Fully Recyclable Cups are designed to fit with the Home Compostable and Recyclable Bagasse Lids. Please click here to see more information.

How to dispose of the packaging NaturePac cups are packed in...

Our NaturePac Fully Recyclable cups come in fully recyclable cardboard boxes. The cups are also hygienically wrapped in fully recyclable LDPE polythene. Both the cardboard boxes and the LDPE wrapper are readily recyclable at kerbside (from home or your business). Please check with your waste management contractor. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.