Produce Bags

Recyclable and Compostable White Sulphite Paper Bags


  • Recyclable and Commercially
  • Compostable Eight sizes; (7x7"), (7x9"), (8x8"), (10x10"), (12x12"), (4x2x26"), (7x4x15"), (4x2x14")
  • 500 cups per case
These White Sulphite Paper Bags are normally used in bakeries, delis, any counter top food service with low grease content. We stock a wide variety of sizes:


175x175mm (7x7") - 1,000 per case
175x225mm (7x9") - 1,000 per case
215x215mm (8x8") - 1,000 per case
250x250mm (10x10") - 1,000 per case
300x300mm (12x12") - 500 per case
French Stick - 100x50x660mm (4x2x26") - 1,000 per case
Satchel - 175x100x380mm (7x4x15") - 500 per case
Baguette - 100x50x350mm (4x2x14") - 1,000 per case


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