Sustainable Packaging for Events and Festivals

Make your event or festival more sustainable with our range of recyclable packaging solutions. Replace non-recyclable plastic cups, coffee cups, cutlery, and take-away food containers with our eco-friendly alternatives to reduce waste. We also offer a closed-loop service with your waste disposal company, to ensure we have a positive impact on our environment.

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The Problem: Unsustainable Packaging

Events and festivals often generate massive waste due to the extensive use of non-recyclable packaging materials.

Plastic cups, coffee cups, cutlery, and take-away food containers contribute to environmental pollution and harm our planet. This unsustainable practice conflicts with the values of event organisers and attendees who want to enjoy memorable experiences while minimising their ecological footprint.

Create Lasting Impact, Embrace Sustainability

Our team recognises the need for change. That’s why our range of recyclable packaging products offers a sustainable alternative for events and festivals. By switching to environmentally friendly solutions, you can match your event with the principles of the attendees and have a beneficial, long-lasting effect on the environment.

One Customer’s Journey

A commitment to sustainability led Alex Skipp at The HorseBox UK to find NaturePac and the collaboration brought many benefits:

"One of our key values across all businesses is to be as sustainable as possible. It's just so important because these cups are disposables essentially and the more the business grows, the more we buy and the more people throw them in the bin. So if we can make sure that we are doing our bit, to improve the environment, then we absolutely will and NaturePac has been brilliant in nudging us towards that direction."

Why Collaborate With NaturePac?

Our solutions not only benefit the environment but also enhance the event experience, generating positive feedback and encouraging attendees to participate in future sustainable events. By choosing NaturePac, event organisers can address the problem of unsustainable packaging practices and showcase their commitment to sustainability.

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