Recyclable and Compostable Open Kraft Chip Trays


  • Recyclable and Commercially Compostable
  • Six sizes; 120x120x45mm, 115x220x45mm, 119x244x45mm, 178x84x51mm, 250x80x50mm, 275x100x60mm
  • 250-500 trays per case

These compostable hot food trays are made from kraft board and lined with a water-based coating. They can be recycled (through existing paper recycling streams). They can also be composted.

The following sizes are available: 
120x120x45mm (500 per case)
115x220x45mm (250 per case) 
119x244x45mm (500 per case)  
178x84x51mm - White Card (500 per case)
250x80x50mm Open Ended Tray (500 per case)
275x100x60mm(500 per case) 

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