About Naturepac

NaturePac was born out of Evolution Packaging Products Ltd, a second generation family business. Evolution Packaging’s history is based in traditional retail packaging, mostly carrier bags. When the current generation moved into management in 2018, we realised we needed to change.

We love the outdoors; having summer holidays in the mountains of Scotland and Europe, skiing in the winter, and competing horses all year round, we are constantly outside. Spending this much time outside in the natural environment, you realise we, as a general population, need to change our habits, in particular to waste disposal and littering. We believe it is the responsibility of government and business to ensure this change takes place.

This started Evolution on a journey which has led to NaturePac, and NaturePac is still very much on this journey.

NaturePac was started to help the food-to-go sector make better choices when it comes to their packaging. Our thought process is, in order to enable businesses to make the best choices for their business and their environment, we need to make choosing, purchasing, and disposing of sustainable packaging as easy as possible.

Since 2018 we set about educating ourselves as best we can. There are new materials and technologies being developed all the time, so this is a constant process. When NaturePac started, we believed the best option available was Commercially Compostable packaging. However, as time as moved on and new technologies are being developed, this is not always the case now. In fact, we are now trying to develop our range of products that are made from recycled materials, and then be able to be recycled again from home (or in street bins). If these items are also Home Compostable or Commercially Compostable, this is an added bonus. (For more information on types of disposal and the reasons behind the change in approach, please read our blogs).

Having products made from recycled materials, which can then be recycled again is helping us to achieve a Circular Economy. To be truly sustainable, the Circular Economy has a massive part to play. (For more information on the Circular Economy please see our glossary).

As I have stated before, what we believe are the best options now, might not be the best options in 12 months or even 6 months time. This is why we are constantly keeping ourselves and our product ranges as up-to-date as possible. Every time we discover something new, or something changes within the industry we will let you know and adjust our advice as needed.

If at any time you have any questions at all about how to make your packaging choices more sustainable, please call us on 01480 309870 and we will be more than happy to help.

I look forward to working with you.

James Turton

NaturePac – Keeping Britain Beautiful


Naturepac's mission statement:

To lead the packaging industry towards a truly sustainable future. We're here to challenge the status quo, drive innovation and provide considered, unbiased, education.

All of the eco-friendly packaging products we sell are either Recyclable, Compostable, Home Compostable or Reusable.

Whether you're running a Coffee Shop, Cafe or Bakery, Take-away, Restaurant or Bar, or a Street Food business, we're here for you on every step of your journey.


Naturepac Recyclable Products

Our aim is to ensure that all Naturepac Recyclable products are made from easily recycled materials. This ensures that they are fully recyclable at the kerb side. But we are going one step further. Where we can, Naturepac Recyclable products will be made from either a bio-based material, or made from post consumer recycled material.

With changes in technology happening on an almost daily basis, we strongly believe that recycling will play a major part in making single-use packaging sustainable. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that the recyclable packaging we supply can be easily and efficiently recycled, whilst delivering a high standard of performance in use.


Naturepac Compostable and Home Compostable Products

We are conscious that Commercially Compostable products are not always the most sustainable option for customers, as our existing waste management infrastructure is poorly equipped to handle it. This is why we are trying to supply the broadest possible range of Home Compostable products.

Our aim is to have a Home Compostable option available for every type of food-to-go packaging.


Naturepac Reusable Products

Although single use packaging products will always have a part to play in the food and drink sector, we know that we all need to reduce the amount of packaging we use. We are therefore developing a range of Reusable products, designed to offer our customers even greater flexibility in their pursuit of sustainability.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be more than happy to recommend the best available alternatives to single use packaging.


Naturepac is a trademark of:

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