Green By Nature

We understand the challenges faced by companies in finding eco-friendly alternatives that align with their values and sustainability goals. That's why we are dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of recyclable packaging solutions, sustainable food and drink packaging and carbon neutral products.

This started Evolution on a journey which has led to NaturePac

NaturePac was born from Evolution Packaging Products Ltd, a family business rooted in traditional retail packaging. In 2018, the new generation took over and realised the need for change. With a deep love for the outdoors and a passion for spending time in nature, they recognised the urgent need for behavioural shifts in waste disposal and littering.

This journey led to the creation of NaturePac, with a focus on helping the food-to-go sector make sustainable packaging choices. Their goal is to simplify the process of selecting and using eco-friendly packaging, empowering businesses to make the best choices for their operations and the environment.

Meet The Team

James Turton - Managing Director

I have been working within Evolution Packaging since about 2007. I first started in the warehouse and then move up through the business. This has given me, and continues to give me, great insight and understanding of the whole of the business.

I am passionate about small, continuous improvements, whether that’s myself, the business, our products, our sustainability, etc… If we can just constantly make small improvements each day, over the course of a year, the improvement will be massive.

Outside of the office, I love to be outside with my boys and wife, especially in the mountains! Every holiday we go on (other than trips to Center Parcs) we make sure they are to the mountains. Whether it’s the Scottish mountains, the Apls, the Rockies, or anywhere else, the smell of the fresh air is unbeatable! I also feel the mountains help to put everything in perspective. They are awe inspiring and help me to reflect.

The picture above is a special place in my wife and I’s hearts. It was taken in the Highlands of Scotland on a beautiful Autumn day. The drive down the to Loch was stunning. We had it to ourselves and we drove past a lovely heard of Red Deer. It was amazing! To have experiences like this is exactly why we do what we do!

Our mission statement

As a leader in the industry, we recognise the urgent need for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and transition towards more sustainable practices. Our mission is to be your trusted partner in this journey, providing you with innovative packaging options that not only meet your operational needs but also contribute to a greener future.