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Evolution Packaging Products is the home of NaturePac, CyclaPac, and ReusaPac. Through Evolution and our brands, our main focus is to lead the packaging industry towards a more sustainable future. We will challenge the status quo, encourage innovation, and provide unbiased education.

NaturePac is the home for everything Compostable. We understand that Industrially Compostable packaging is not ideal as the waste management infastructure is not well equiped to handle it. This is why, under the NaturePac brand, we are trying to make as many of our packaging items Home Compostable as possible. The aim is to have a Home Compostable option available for every type of food-to-go packaging.

With changes in technology happening on an almost daily basis, we strongly believe Recycling will have a major part to pay in making packaging sustainable. It is therefore, our responsibilty to ensure the packaging we offer is easily recyclable, as well as providing the functionality needed.

This is where CyclaPac comes in. CyclaPac products will be made from a single, easily recycled, material. This means our CyclaPac products are truly recyclable at the kerb side. Not only this, but we are going one step further. All the packaging items in the CyclaPac range will be made from either a bio-based material, or made from post consumer recycled material.

Although single use packaging will always have a part to play in the food-to-go sector, we know that we all need to reduce the amount of packaging we use. ReusaPac is designed to help our customers discover the best options for their business. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be more than happy to offer you the best alternatives to single use packaging.

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