Produce Bags

Recyclable and Compostable Block Bottom White Flour Bags


  • Recyclable and Commercially Compostable
  • Three sizes; 0.5kg, 0.8kg, 1-1.5kg
  • 500-1000 bags per case

These paper bags are designed for flour but can be used for other purposes such as coffee, tea leaves, grains, etc...

These Block Bottom bags are the most commonly used for packing flour.

Please see below for the sizes:

White Kraft Paper Block Bottom:
0.5 kg (1,000 per Case) - 75x45x230mm
0.8 kg (1,000 per Case) - 110x55x210mm
1kg - 1.5 kg (500 per Case) - 110x73x300mm

Prices are per pack

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