Branded Fully Recyclable Cups

Have you ever noticed an empty coffee cup on your desk and suddenly felt the urge to drink a cup of coffee? It’s a real thing, and when it’s your brand that’s on the customer’s desk, there’s a good chance it’s your café they’ll visit next. 

In the world of branding, repetition is everything. By adding your logo to your disposable coffee cups, you can increase the repetition factor and convert your café into more than “just another place to drink coffee,” but the go-to destination for your target audience. 

Printed Cups

Economically, takeaway coffees and teas represent a high turnover, high margin source of revenue. Have your cups branded and they act as a self-promoting marketing tool. You supply the hot drink, and the customer reciprocates the gesture by taking your cups away and into the eyes of the public. Added to that, bespoke cups are one of the more cost-effective packaging lines to have your logo on. Your money goes further than if you were to have branded carrier bags, or branded meal boxes for example. 

This is why it makes perfect sense to brand your cups. 

Some of you reading may already be NaturePac customers. You may be a prospective customer looking to gain an edge in a competitive market. Whether you're a high-volume user or a start-up company, branded cups can add a touch of class and an allure to your image. But none of that matters unless your branding is associated with the right cup.  

So, what is NaturePac’s cup and why is it right for your business and your customers? Allow us to explain how we came to decide on what we consider, to be the most suitable cup solution for now and more importantly, why it will make sense to your customers. 

At NaturePac, we truly appreciate the difficulty in keeping up with a forever changing packaging industry and we understand our role in being a source of education in guiding our customers to help make informative decisions.  

For all the benefits associated with personalising your cups, there are larger implications to consider. With high volume packaging, comes high volume waste. We all have a responsibility therefore, to provide a clear message to the end user, who is left with that final duty of disposal. 

As a result of diligent exploration and scrutiny, NaturePac are pleased to have found what we consider the most suitable recyclable cup available on the market.  

The first step to getting paper-based barrier packaging recycled is to make them valuable and easy for recyclers to process through their conventional paper recycling equipment. Packaging made with EarthCoating addresses these issues by making the cups valuable to collect and easy to pulp into recycled paper.  

Benefits Of Earthcoating Liner 

  • EarthCoating is a highly-mineralized resin alternative to Polyethylene and is specifically engineered for recycling.  
  • The liner is made up from PE and minerals such as calcium carbonate which makes the liner easy to separate from the cup, meaning all materials within its composition are easily recyclable.  
  • There is 44-51% less plastic used within the liner when compared to traditional paper cups, with calcium carbonate making up a large percentage. 
  • Its technology allows for a minimum of 91% of the cellulose fibres to be recovered which is a significant number for effective recycling. 
  • Earthcoating is compliant with direct food contact - paper cups made with EarthCoating have received a AAA rating for its recyclability. 

Benefits Of The Paper Board 

  • The board of the paper cup is high quality and can be recycled up to 4/5 times over. Where the quality of a lot of paper board products restricts the recyclability to once or twice (perhaps into a pulpy egg carton), being that our cup can be recycled multiple times is representative of the quality of the cup itself.   
  • All paper elements are compliant with legislation and certified under the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.  
  • The inner part of the double and single wall cup are made from virgin paper, the outer wall of the double wall is made with 40-45% virgin recycled paper.  
  • The outer wall is 300gsm (grams per square meter) which provides extra thermal insulation properties. 

There are many cups circulating where at a glance, represent positive benefits. However, it’s vital you take the time to research these benefits in totality to truly understand what your business is investing in. 

If you would like to discuss these cups in more detail, then feel free to call on 01480 309870. 

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