Custom Printed Fully Recyclable Cups

In the world of branding, repetition is everything. By creating your own branded cups, you can increase the visibility of your business locally, and help convert your coffee shop into the go to destination for your target audience.

Put your brand in the hands of your customers, and they’ll help raise your business’ profile amongst their friends and colleagues - for free.



5 Reasons to Invest in Branded Coffee Cups:

  1. Get your brand in the hands of your customers – your cups are the ideal way to advertise locally, at a very low cost
  1. Show that you take your product seriously, and that your product is premium. Help customers to feel special when they shop with you
  1. Share the confidence you have in your brand, and convey trust in your product by putting your name on branded takeaway cups
  1. Give your staff pride in what they serve to your customers. They are your brand ambassadors, and this is their opportunity to shine
  1. Build brand recognition, help customers find you, and reinforce your own sense of identity with our branded recyclable cups

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At NaturePac, we truly appreciate the difficulty in keeping up with a forever changing packaging industry and we understand our role in being a source of education in guiding our customers to help make informative decisions. For all the benefits associated with personalising your cups, there are larger implications to consider. As a result of diligent exploration and scrutiny, NaturePac are pleased to have found what we consider the most suitable recyclable cup available on the market.  

So, what is NaturePac’s cup and why is it right for your business and your customers?

NaturePac Fully Recyclable Cups have an Earth Coating on the inside of the cup which means it is certificated to be recycled along with paper and card, without the need for special processes. Packaging made with Earth Coating addresses these issues by making the cups valuable to collect, and easy to pulp into recycled paper.  

Key Benefits of our Recyclable Takeaway Cup:

  • The outer wall is a high quality 300gsm, which provides extra thermal insulation properties for customers
  • The cups are fully recyclable with normal paper and card – whether kerbside or at home
  • The cups’ Earth Coating liner is compliant with direct food contact - paper cups made with Earth Coating have received a AAA rating for its recyclability

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