NaturePac Printed Cup FAQs

Where are NaturePac cups made?

NaturePac understand what our customers represent. You want the most environmentally friendly hot cups available, sourced as locally as possible and so you’ll be pleased to know our cups come from Ireland.

Sourcing a cup as locally as possible is always a challenge, because the most suitable solution isn’t always on your doorstep. NaturePac understand we have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint where possible, whilst offering the most suitable cup for our clients – we believe we’ve struck a positive balance.

What cup sizes do NaturePac offer?

NaturePac offer a range of different cup sizes both in single and double walled. So, for those who are considering a paper recyclable cold cup perhaps for smoothies or milkshake's, we have plenty of options available for you also.

These options range from 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz and 20oz Single Wall as well as 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 20oz Double Wall.

Can NaturePac store my printed cups?

The most cost-effective storage option is of course having your own storage facilities, which will enable us to send all the stock to you directly in one hit. However, NaturePac can offer storage as seen per the breakdown below.

8oz cups = 20 cases (10,000 cups) per pallet.

12oz and 16oz cups = 15 cases (7,500 cups) per pallet.

Storage of pallets are charged at £2.50 per pallet, per week.

When calling off printed stock, delivery is free of charge if you order £100 worth of billable stock such as your lids, napkins, cup holders etc. Otherwise, delivery is charged at £9.95.

Any quantity under a pallet worth of stock, would still be charged at the pallet rate of £2.50 per week until the stock has been run down in its entirety.

What is the origination charge?

The £90 origination charge per cup size is a standard fee for the set-up of your bespoke artwork design. This fee would not be charged on repeat orders.

What are the lead times?

Our lead times from when the order and artwork is signed off are typically 6-8 weeks. However, 2021 has seen these lead times extend beyond the usual time frame due to complications created by leaving the EU. We envisage these obstacles will resolve themselves as we enter into 2022 and our lead times will reduce down to somewhere close to what we have previously been used to. For clarity on current lead times, please discuss with us beforehand.

Can I see a sample of my cup before it goes to print?

Following customer payment and sign off of paperwork, you will be presented with a digital proof of your cup. Only when you are satisfied with the final design and you have signed off the final artwork, will we then instruct our print suppliers to carry out your print run.

Also, keep an eye out on our website for our new 3D cup template tool, which allows you to design your cup with the benefit of 360* rotation.

There is also the option of having a shorter print run of 50 cups produced, whereby you will be charged for origination and a small fee for the cups themselves. The lead time for this print run will be consistent with our typical printed cup lead time and therefore, will naturally delay any full order by essentially double. If you did take this option and were happy to go ahead with the full order, you would not then be charged origination, as the set-up charge for your cup would already be covered.

Why NaturePac 100% recyclable Earthcoat cup over a PLA lined compostable cup?

Two important factors need to be considered when choosing the right cup. The accessibility and available infrastructure of waste management, coupled with the average disposal routine of the end user. A recyclable cup allows the end user to take their cup home with them and dispose at curb side. This allows you to send a much clearer message, less ambiguous disposal message to your customers, as a bin tailored to industrial composting is not accessible at their homes.

Can I also offer a recyclable lid to complement NaturePac’s recyclable cup?

Yes, in fact we can go one better. NaturePac are offering a bagasse recyclable AND home compostable lid, which is ideal for home disposal. This lid can be disposed of in curb side recycling bins, with the additional option to dispose with food waste or home compost heap. The bagasse lid is made from a bi-product of sugarcane – a renewable recourse which will break down naturally within 90 days when composted.

Social Media

Having your cup branded is of course something to highlight and showcase. If you desire, we are happy to broadcast images of your new cup via our social media platforms, reaching a wider audience and further building that positive brand image.