Custom Print Carrier Bags

If you're taking the step to use sustainable packaging for your products, why not shout about it? NaturePac provides custom print packaging, with a range of products you can customise with your own logo. Custom printed bags can help take your brand to the next level.

By using sustainable packaging, you can be confident you are doing the right thing for your customers, but you can use it as a great marketing tool. By creating your own printed bags, you can increase the visibility of your business locally and build your brand in your customer’s hands.  

Printed Carrier Bags

5 Reasons to invest in Branded Bags: 

  1. Get your brand in the hands of your customers – branded packaging is the ideal way to advertise locally, at a very low cost. Branded paper bags allow your customers to carry your logo around with them, raising your brand profile out and about.  
  2. Make your customers feel special when they shop with you, demonstrating you take pride in your product and service. 
  3. Share the confidence you have in your brand and convey trust in your product by putting your name on your sustainable personalised bags. 
  4. We all want customers to be our brand ambassadors but so are your staff. Give them an opportunity to shine and take pride in what they serve to your customers.  
  5. Reinforce your own sense of identity with custom print carrier bags. Build the brand recognition your business deserves by adding your logo or limited-edition print to your paper bags.

Find out more, ask any questions or simply receive pricing for our Branded Carrier Bags, by filling in some details below. You can also call us on 01480 309 870.

Key benefits of our Printed Carrier Bags  

Our printed paper bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all types of businesses.
  • Manufactured either in the UK or Europe using either recycled or pure kraft paper from sustainable sources. 
  • Tape handle carriers are made from recycled paper twisted and are mostly pure kraft. 
  • Widely recyclable both at home (kerbside) or publicly accessible recycling bins 
  • Sizes from 140x80x210mm to 540x150x490mm 
  • 70-110gsm paper white or brown kraft paper