Meal Pails - Brown Kraft - Recyclable & Compostable



These compostable meal pails are designed for both hot and cold foods and they’re a truly versatile option for any street food vendor. Suitable for re-heating in the microwave, they’re classy, elegant, strong and sustainable.

They’re made from brown kraft board with a water-based coating, so they can also be recycled through the existing paper waste streams.



No.1 = 90x110x65mm (26oz)

No.2 = 195x140x47mm (50oz)

No.3 = 140x195x65mm (69oz)

No.4 = 195x140x90mm (97oz)

No.5 = 120x152x50mm (23oz)

No.8 = 120x152x64mm (46oz)

No.11=147x105x72mm (45oz)

32oz Tall Noodle Box

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