Materials Glossary

Below is a list of some of the materials used in our compostable and paper recyclable packaging. (**Please note this page is still under construction**).

For an in depth look at the different types of materials, please click here to see our blog.


 = Compostable

 = Paper Recyclable (material is able to be recycled in existing paper recycling streams). Click here to see all our Paper Recyclable Products


Bagasse is a natural compostable and bio degradable material produced using natural fibres such as bamboo, recycled sugar cane and reed, which are renewable and sustainable resources. This material is also a by product of the food industry and therefore would be going to waste unless used in products such as the below.

Bagasse products are moulded in a high heat, high pressure process resulting in a strong rigid and fully compostable products that are both water and oil resistant and are suitable for use in fridges and microwaves.

Bagasse products available include plates and bowls, hinged burger and meal boxes, take away food trays and lids.


PLA and CPLA are compostable biodegradable plant-based polymers made from starch derived from renewable resources such as corn, sugarcane, or cassava.

PLA is transparent and used to produce cold cups, straws, salad boxes and deli pots. PLA film can also be laminated to paper board to produce coffee cups, deli pots, soup containers, sandwich wedges, and salad boxes.

CPLA is opaque and used to produce lids for coffee cups and deli pots and compostable cutlery.