Case Study with Art Café: The Perfect Blend Between Brand & Sustainability

by Georgie Knock | March 11, 2024

Case Study with Art Café: The Perfect Blend Between Brand & Sustainability - Header Image

At Art Café, they have a strong focus on quality coffee and local food, so naturally sustainability is high on this list of priorities. This cosy Oxford-based independent café was established by Giovanna's parents in 2009 and has been a staple in the community for over a decade. When Giovanna took over the reins in 2022, she continued her family's legacy and passion for eco-conscious practices and products. 

Shared Values

The Art Café embodies the ethos of environmental responsibility, which is proudly supported by their customers. NaturePac became a natural choice for Art Café a couple of years ago.  Like us, Art Cafe prioritises sustainability and eco-friendliness in everything they do, Giovanna describes:

Oxford is a busy university city and students are conscientious of their consumer choices and how they could be negatively impacting the environment. This is why we use recyclable packaging and do our best to reduce food waste, for example we partner with a company that recycles coffee grounds to create energy.


Practical Stock Management Solutions

Limited space is a common challenge for cafés, but NaturePac's innovative solutions have helped Art Café overcome this hurdle. By storing their cups and managing stock on behalf of Art Café, the NaturePac team ensures a seamless supply chain, allowing Giovanna and her team to focus on what matters most – serving their customers; Giovanna describes: “Often in hospitality it is challenging to track all your stock, so it is very helpful when the NaturePac team tells me when my packaging products are running low. It is such an easy, no stress process.”  

Customer Feedback

The bold logo on Art Café's smoothie cups and coffee cups have received praise from our customers. They are visible from afar, so the branded cups not only catch the eye, but also convey a commitment to quality and attention to detail. “The branded Smoothie cups look great because they show both our logo and the pop of colour from our cold pressed juices. The switch to custom branded double-walled cups has been particularly well-received by our customers, because they instantly liked the new design and eliminated the need for sleeves so enhanced the drinking experience.” Giovanna explains. 

Branding Made Easy

Transitioning to branded cups with NaturePac was a breeze for Art Cafe, Giovanna describes: “We simply sent our logo to the team, had a brief discussion on the phone and they did their magic! We are very happy with the result.” Unlike the previous sleeve-based branding approach, which was less effective and practical, NaturePac's branded cups offer greater visibility and impact. With the added convenience of timely notifications when supplies are running low, NaturePac has become a supportive partner in Art Café's journey. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook



With NaturePac's high quality recyclable packaging, Art Café continues to delight customers with not just delicious beverages, but also a commitment to sustainability and excellence. At NaturePac, we're proud to share our values and vision for a greener, more sustainable future with our customers, and their customers too. Join us in our mission to make a positive impact, one cup at a time.