Unleash your creativity: Brand your cups your way!

by Georgie Knock | February 22, 2024

Unleash your creativity: Brand your cups your way! - Header Image

Are you looking for new, fun ways to make your brand pop? The canvas you've been searching for might just be your coffee cup! In this blog, we'll explore a world of branding possibilities, from adding stickers and stamps to crafting your custom cup designs.


Stickers that stick with style! 

Coffee cups don't need to be plain, with our brown cups as your canvas a clever sticker can give your brand a fresh, rustic look. The result? Cups that are just as Instagram-worthy as your latte art! As demonstrated by our customer The Good Stuff Catering

Top Tip: Experiment with different sticker sizes and placements to find your signature style.

the good stuff catering 

Stamp of Approval!

The art of stamping brings a touch of vintage elegance to your cups, so whether it's your logo, a special message or a cute design, stamps add a personal and handcrafted feel - which your customers (and we) love! 

As a relatively new start up, the most affordable way for me to brand the cups was to simply stamp them. I use the double wall Naturepak cups and the ink absorbs pretty quickly, meaning I can stamp before trading opens knowing they’re good to go for the day. Unless you’re serving hundreds of brews daily, it’s cost effective and not too time consuming. One day I’ll get the cups branded professionally, but for now this works a treat!” David at Tribe Street Coffee @tribe_streetcoffee

 tribe coffee

Design Your Dream Cup!

For those with a vision, we offer the chance to get those creative juices flowing and create bespoke cup designs. For example, take inspiration from Bakerry Box, who dreamed up this beautiful design and drew it herself! Then our team brought their idea to life, we love working with customers to turn their vision into reality, it’s pure magic!  

Top Tip: Don't hold back! Custom designs let your brand's unique personality shine ☀️

bakerry box image v1bakerry box v2


Ready to start your cup branding journey? We're here to help you turn your vision into reality! Contact our team today to explore your options and let your cups become a work of art!