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NaturePac Compostable Products Given the Green Light at over 100 Composting Facilities!

Very exciting news!!

Our hot and cold cups (all of which on this website are 100% compostable), have been given the green light by the REA (Renewable Energy Association) to be accepted at their composting facilities. They have over 100 facilities throughout the UK, making composting our packaging so much easier!

The REA have said they will now accept the following:

  • Hot and cold drink cups
  • Hot and cold drink cup lids
  • Straws
  • Wooden stirrers

They have stipulated the compostable packaging must be certificated to either of the following: EN 13432, EN 14995, or ASTM D6400. Our compostable packaging is certificated to these requirements.

For more information, please see the REA website here: more info

For a map of where their composting facilities are, please click here.

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  • Hi, just wondering if the bagasse plates can be composted anywhere like in your back garden compost or if they need a special compost facility . Thanks


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