News Release - Government Paper on 'Tackling the plastic problem'

by James Turton | August 20, 2018

News Release - Government Paper on 'Tackling the plastic problem' - Header Image

On Saturday (18th Aug 2018), the government released a white paper on 'Tackling the plastic problem: summary of responses to the call for evidence'.

This is a report of the responses the government received when they asked the public, consumers, business, and manufacturers for their views on how to reduce plastic pollution. 

In summary, it looks like the government will be promoting compostable packaging, and announcing some taxation on single use plastic items at the next budget. Exactly how they are going to tax single use plastics, we are still unsure.

We hope this will promote and encourage a growth in facilities to correctly handle compostable packaging. We announced a couple of weeks ago, there are now over 100 facilities throughout the UK which can now handle compostable packaging, however, we now hope even more will open up and start to accept this type of packaging.

If you would like to read the full paper, please click here.