Plastic Straws Are Big News....

by James Turton | June 05, 2018

Plastic Straws Are Big News.... - Header Image

Straws a big news at the moment and quite rightly so, estimates say that 8.5bn plastic straws were thrown away in the UK alone every year.

Under UK Government plans plastic straws could soon be banned in England.

A number of companies are already ahead of the game and have switched to a paper option, as seen on this BBC news article...

Due to high demand from our customers our product range now includes paper straws which can be found Here

Our paper straws are fully compstable which means that they are made from natural products which are not harmful to the environment unlike some degradable options which reduce down to micro plastics.

But what about the lids!? Whilst plastic straws are big news, a lot of the time they are use alongside plastic lids which are just as damaging to the environment, we have eco-friendly lid options too, get in touch to find out more.