The Future of NaturePac

by James Turton | October 20, 2020

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Our NaturePac brand has been alive for three years now and during that time, there has been a lot of progress made in terms of the sophistication of materials used, and also... consumer’s understanding of the packaging issue in general.

NaturePac was set up to give our customers the best environmentally conscious options for food-to-go packaging.

After a lot of research, we determined that industrially compostable packaging was the best option at the time. Reasons for this have been discussed (at length) on our website, but the main reasons are that industrially compostable packaging is made from renewable resources and if it's not disposed of correctly, when it biodegrades in the environment, it won't leave behind any harmful residue. We also thought there was going to be a concerted effort by the government to build focused infrastructure to cope with industrially compostable packaging on a large scale.

Since then, material technology has moved on and while Industrially compostable material may still be best for certain items, we are finding that there are better packaging options out there, options which also make more sense to the consumer and are actually easier to dispose of.

The future of NaturePac lies with home compostable packaging. This is packaging (as the name suggests), which can be composted at home. This means the material will breakdown at much lower temperatures and over a shorter period of time compared to the Industrially compostable options.

Making our packaging products from home compostable material also takes any ambiguity out of the word ‘compostable’ and means that when we say ‘compostable’ it actually means what most consumers believe it means.

Our aim is to have a home compostable packaging option for every type of food-to-go packaging item in our range. This may mean you have to adjust how you package your food stuff slightly, but it will mean a simpler message for your customers. We honestly believe compostable packaging will always have a place in the food-to-go sector, as it solves the food contamination issue with recyclable packaging, however, we also believe that we need to make all compostable packaging… home compostable.


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