Which takeaway packaging is best for my business?

by James Turton | May 18, 2020

Which takeaway packaging is best for my business? - Header Image


Over the past few months, the food service industry has changed significantly. Unfortunately, we’ve seen some of our partners close their doors altogether, while others have diversified (very impressively) to keep their business alive and continue serving the local community.


Before this unprecedented lockdown, food service providers and hosts were mostly running social gathering hotspots for friends and families to come together around good food and fresh hot drinks. This lockdown has shown us just how important these places are to the community as a whole, but also on an individual basis too.

As we start to see some easing of the lockdown restrictions and welcome the ability to meet our friends and family in outdoor spaces (in some capacity) once again, we believe the food-to-go sector will quickly return to it’s rightful position as being a vital focal point in summertime culture. We foresee food services operating as takeaways and deliveries for their customers to enjoy in the park with friends, or to simply click, collect and take home as a much needed treat for the household.

A lot of small and medium sized food services have probably never offered a takeaway option at all... or if they have, it might have only been for a small part of their range. Having received a high volume of enquiries over the last week or so (asking for the best possible packaging ideas for a changeable range), we thought it best to share our guide, which is designed to help anyone in a slightly unfamiliar situation.

Below you’ll find some examples of different types of food-to-go and what we believe is the best Sustainable & Compostable packaging to serve these items in. By no means is this an exhaustive list, so if you do have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

For more information on each of these suggestions, please follow the links to our developing product pages.

Fresh Hot Drinks

For speed and ease of use, we recommend our Double Wall Cups. The double wall provides a nice insulation from the heat of the beverage. All our double wall cups are Compostable, we also have the perfect Compostable lid available too.


Sweet & Spicy Salads